Realeve is a medical device company that specializes in innovative therapies for autonomic disorders, such as severe headache and stroke. Realeve has acquired the intellectual property of Autonomic Technologies, Inc., and is developing an implantable neuromodulation system initially targeting the prevention and treatment of cluster headaches. Cluster headaches, known to be the most painful conditions known to mankind, affect 5.8 million people worldwide. Realeve plans to expand to other SPG-related diseases, including post ischemic stroke treatments.  Realeve provides on-demand, localized15-minute treatments that are free from drug-related side effects. The system has been proven to deliver life-changing results, as observed in two RCTs and a registry, and has received Breakthrough Designation.


UVCeed is an innovative, personal UV-C disinfectant platform that attaches to the back of any smartphone and uses augmented reality and artificial intelligence to kill germs, bacteria, and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 in seconds*.  Leveraging smart technology, UVCeed automatically pauses disinfection when it detects people or pets nearby, making it the smart way to disinfect. With 219 million smartphone users in the US alone, UVCeed is poised to revolutionize personal disinfection, and is currently available at online retailers and at

*In independent laboratory testing, UVCeed was shown to reduce Staphylococcus aureus by 99.9% in 15 seconds, Escherichia Coli by 99.99% in 24 seconds and SARS CoV2 by 99.9% in 32 seconds. Tested at 12.7 cm on hard non-porous surfaces. In testing at 6.5 cm on hard non-porous surfaces, UVCeed was shown to reduce SARS Cov2 by 99.99% in 64 seconds. Tested at 12.7 cm on hard non-porous surfaces.


AxioSoniс is a medical company that is developing the first non-invasive at-home treatment for sinusitis. Their innovative handheld device uses a proprietary multi-modal ultrasonic system to disrupt the biofilm in the sinuses, reduce inflammation, and provide symptomrelief without the side effects of surgery, antibiotics, or nasal decongestants. This is especially important as there are no approved medications for chronic sinusitis in the USA or EU, and current treatments are either invasive or not very effective. The device's integrated vibratory feedback provides a unique user experience that appears to address the biofilm, and a 15-patient prospective single-arm study showed statistically significant improvement in pain scores and sinus symptom scores. Further more, 93% of patients showed a reduction in sinus inflammation. The device can be used at home, reducing the need for surgery and complementing surgical treatment.


OsteoWeld is a medical technology company that is developing an ultrasonic, high-frequency vibratory energy welding system for intracorporeal welding of implants quickly and safely in arthroscopics and endoscopics. With over 5 million patients in the USA and Europe suffering traumatic injuries of soft tissue and bone requiring surgery, OsteoWeld's ultrasound-enabled implants offer an alternative and versatile method of implant-to-implant and implant-to-suture fixation. By using ultrasound to weld polymer inside the human body, surgeons can improve anatomically bespoke surgical repairs, providing increased options for patient care.

Joint Active System

Joint Active Systems is a medical device company that develops innovative and non-invasive technologies to address musculoskeletal disorders. The device is used by physical therapists, athletic trainers, and sports medicine professionals to create personalized rehabilitation programs for their patients. Joint Active Systems is committed to improving the quality of care and outcomes for patients suffering from musculoskeletal disorders, and their technology has been recognized by industry leaders and healthcare providers for its effectiveness and innovation.

Surgical Robotics

Robot arthroplasty is a minimally invasive surgical technique that utilizes a robotic arm to assist orthopedic surgeons in the placement of joint replacement implants. The system utilizes computer-guided technology to create a 3D virtual model of the patient's joint, allowing the surgeon to accurately plan and execute the procedure with greater precision and accuracy. This advanced technology can lead to faster recovery times, reduced pain, and improved long-term outcomes for patients undergoing joint replacement surgery.  Intellectual Property developed by Bonutti Technologies has been license for use in the Rosaand Mako Surgical robots

MIS and Surgical Implants

Minimally invasive orthopedic and sports medicine approaches have revolutionized the field of joint replacement and injury repair, as they offer significant advantages over traditional open surgery, such as smaller incisions, less tissue damage, reduced blood loss, shorter hospital stays, and faster recovery times. Bonutti Technologies has developed and licensed numerous patents related to orthopedic devices and procedures.  These licensed patents have been used in devices including the Versa step expanding access device, Juggerknot all suture anchors, Max fire knotless, and the Kyphon vertebral balloon. In particular, over 20 knotless, deforming, toggling, or soft "All Suture" anchors have been developed from 40licensed patents. Dr. Bonutti has also been involved in the design team of several joint replacement systems, including the Scorpio TKA, EIUS UKA, Triathlon UKA, TKA and Revision Systems, Solar TSA, and Lunar TER.