June 2, 2022

EvoNexus, SoCal Tech Incubator, Admits Five New Startups

EvoNexus, Southern California’s leading startup technology incubator and entrepreneurial hub, has announced the admission of five promising new companies. Four startups were admitted to its San Diego portfolio and one to its Irvine portfolio. These new companies will join a portfolio of 191 startups that have incubated at EvoNexus since the organization’s inception in 2010. The new admits will receive access to capital and strategic partnerships, long term residency – up to 2 years, world-class mentorship, credibility, class A office and dry lab space, as well as the immense benefits cultivated by the collaboration with other entrepreneurs.

“EvoNexus thrives in supporting young companies as they take their products/prototypes to market and scale their business. The EvoNexus Selection Committee, composed of prominent executives, investors and entrepreneurs, provided a rigorous selection process.” Rory Moore, CEO & Co-Founder, EvoNexus.

To quote Justin Weissberg, Founder and CEO of Evasyst, an EvoNexus portfolio company, “EvoNexus was a game-changer for us. As a first-time entrepreneur, the accountability, strategic introductions and collaboration with other entrepreneurs were absolutely instrumental to Evasyst’s growth. I was admitted with a rough prototype and narrow vision. With the invaluable advice I received during incubation, I was able to assemble a team of domain experts, launch a great product, and execute a vision that was greater than I could have imagined.”

Congratulations to the new admits to the EvoNexus San Diego portfolio:

QuickCarl: QuickCarl connects homeowners with home services professionals using a do-it-yourself video calling system to put the knowledge a person needs into their hands at the exact moment they need it.

Cella Medical: Cella Medical is a La Jolla company that developed Cella, a next generation body composition analyzer that distinguishes healthy from disease related fluid volume in the human body. The independent measurement of hydration status, muscle and fat tissue greatly improves fluid and nutrition management in health and disease. Cella uses bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS) analysis and a patent pending three-compartment (3C) model to accurately separate the body into lean, fat and hydration compartments. Fluid overload and malnutrition are major predictors of poor outcome in many chronic diseases.

AxioSonic: AxioSonic® has developed the first non-invasive treatment to treat chronic sinusitis. AxioSonic uses a proprietary multimodal frequency system to treat facial pain, and to reduce symptoms of chronic sinusitis. AxioSonic has an FDA cleared device (K161628) for musculoskeletal pain.

Aumnic: Founded by a team of senior Qualcomm modem engineers, Aumnic’s smart 5G IoT modems based on a new architectural approach will be positioned for a new generation of products requiring ultra low power and low cost solutions such as M2M, asset tracking, tactile internet, IIoT.

Congratulations to the new admission to the EvoNexus Irvine portfolio:

Final Wires: Final Wires is a set of precision engineered arch wires based on 3D X-rays and 3D dental scans of the patient. This results in less work for the doctor, fewer visits for the patient, and more accurate results, for less cost than traditional treatment.

For more information, visit http://www.evonexus.org